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[Pictures] 10th Quadriennal Connectional Lay Council Convention

Thanks to Mr. Oliver McNair for being the #TeamAMEZ unofficial photographer

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What is the Connectional Council in the AME Zion Church?

Recently, I have heard many people use the Connectional Council and the Connectional Lay Council interchangeably and realized that although the names are very similar, some people may not understand the difference.

The Connectional Council of the AME Zion Church is composed of the Administrative Boards of the General Church that carry out the business of the church between General Conferences.  Each board consists of a Chairman, First Vice Chairman, Second Vice Chairman and in the instance that one of the aforementioned is not able to serve, a Third Vice Chairman.  The boards are Chaired by our Episcopal leaders.  When they are elected as Bishops, it is not only to preside over Episcopal Areas but also to preside over the Administrative Boards that run our church.  Additionally, the boards have a representative from each Episcopal Area.  Some of the boards have a Lay and Ministerial representative.

Why should you attend the Connectional Council meetings?

During the Connectional Council meeting, each board makes a report of their stewardship to the members of the General Church.  This is your opportunity to see and hear what is happening on the macrolevel of our church.  We often get so caught up in what is happening on the local, district and conference level until we forget that there is a bigger picture.  I encourage every member that is able to come out and see our leaders as well as hear from them.

The Connectional Council will open with a Worship Service on Wednesday, July 24 at 10am at the Renaissance Montgomery Hotel and Spa.

Administrative Boards of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church

  • American Bible Society
  • Appeals
  • Audit
  • Zion’s Benefit Services
  • Christian Education Board
  • Church Growth and Development
  • Commission on Discipline Codification
  • Compilation Committee
  • Commission on Family Life
  • Commission on Judiciary
  • Commission on Organic Union
  • Connectional Budget Board
  • Connectional Trustees
  • International Justice and Goodwill
  • Lay Activities
  • Global Missions
  • Public Relations and Historical Society
  • Publications Board
  • Race Relations
  • Restructuring Commission
  • Social Service and Harriet Tubman Foundation
  • Statistics and Records
  • Standards Committee
  • Temperance and Law Enforcement
  • Theological Seminary
  • Transportation
  • Worship and Ritual

questionDo you have questions about the Connectional Council of the AME Zion Church?  Post them in the comments section and we will try to get them answered.

R. C. Rochon Youth and Young Adult Church Music and Leadership Development Academy

The Connectional Lay Council is grateful to the 1st A.M.E. Zion Church in San Francisco, Rev. Malcolm Byrd and the R.C. Rochon Family for investing in the Youth and Young Adult (YYA) Initiative with the original component being the R.C. Rochon Church Music Academy that has now expanded to the R.C. Rochon YYA Church Music and Leadership Development Academy.

In addition to attending workshops, registered youth and youth adults will be learning the “ropes” of the conference as timekeeper, member of the secretariat, program participants and a few will be assigned to shadowing our leadership.

Schedule of leadership development activities


  • Global Leadership (John Thomas III)
  • Church Music Academy (Othello Jefferson, Jonathan French)


  • Lunch and Learn (Twilla Harrison)
  • Each One, Teach One Mentoring (Crystal Bailey, Quinta Ellis)


  • Using Small Groups to Grow Ministry (LaKesha Womack)
  • Fortifying our Faith with the Articles of Religion (Lynda Byrd)
  • The Importance of Knowing Who We Are and Whose We Are (Dr. Brenda Smith)


  • The Next Generation Leader (Rev. Kelcy G. L. Steele)
  • Real Talk about Relevant Ministry (Dr. Kathy Brown)


News Release: AME Zion Church to bring thousands to River Region

The Worldwide A.M.E. Zion Church to bring thousands to River Region

The Freedom Church to convene in the birthplace of the Civil Rights Movement

Montgomery, Alabama.  The Right Reverend Dennis V. Proctor, Presiding Prelate of the Alabama-Florida Episcopal District, headquartered in Montgomery, Alabama, will host the worldwide African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church (AMEZ) at the Renaissance Montgomery Hotel, Spa and Convention Center, July 23 through August 1, for the 10th Quadrennial Connectional Lay Council Convention as well as the 30th Anniversary Celebration of the Young Adult Missionary Society.

The Lay Convention theme is “Fortifying Our Faith While Focusing On Our Future Through: Worship, Leadership, Discipleship and Stewardship.” Thousands of A.M.E Zionites, including Bishops, General Officers, Missionaries, Clergy, and Laity from Africa, Europe, Caribbean Islands, Asia, South America, Virgin Islands, and the United States will assemble in Montgomery, the birthplace of the civil rights movement, to develop strategies and programs to empower citizens of the world in addressing quality of life issues.

“We are gathering in historic Montgomery to explore ways to enhance the church’s focus on Christ-centered ministry, social and economic justice, and eliminating global diseases and poverty throughout the world.  It is our hope to empower our church and others to help alleviate conditions that diminishes quality of life throughout our communities,” said Bishop Proctor.  The Reverend Dr. Claude Shuford, Senior Pastor of Mt. Zion A.M.E. Zion Church will serve as Host Pastor.


The Right Reverend George E. Battle, Jr., Senior Bishop of the A.M.E. Zion Church, will deliver the keynote address and officially open the convention on Sunday evening.  During the ten days, members will attend workshops, seminars, and plenary sessions covering a range of issues relating to Christian discipleship, economic and social concerns, youth empowerment, stewardship, and church growth.  The plenary sessions are open to the public and the news media.

Beginning on Tuesday, July 23, the A.M.E. Zion Connectional Council, comprising active Bishops, General Officers, and Administrative Boards will meet on Tuesday to discuss issues impacting the church and receive reports from the various boards.

The Women’s Home and Overseas Missionary Society (WH&OMS) Leadership Seminar & Young Adults Missionary Society (YAMS) 30th Anniversary Celebration will provide three days of leadership development workshops beginning Friday, July 26.

Significant events for the week include an evangelistic block party on Friday afternoon, July 26, 4:00 p.m. at Mt. Zion A.M.E. Zion church located at 455 West Jeff Davis Avenue and the Freedom Church March on Saturday, July 27.  The march will begin at 10:00 a.m. at the Old Union Station Train Depot located on Water Street in downtown Montgomery and will culminate in front of the State Capitol on Dexter Avenue.

block party

The public is also invited to a Cultural and Gospel Extravaganza featuring the Mississippi Mass Choir ($15 General Admission) on Saturday evening, Mama’s Girls stage play featuring Regina Belle ($20 General Admission) on Wednesday afternoon and a youth/young adult presentation by Motivational Speaker Keith L. Brown (free to the public) on Wednesday morning.

The African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, known as The Freedom Church, was established in 1796 in New York City under the leadership of its first bishop, James Varick.  It is a global organization with churches on four continents and an emerging membership in excess of 1.7 million adherents.  It is known as “The Freedom Church” because of the missionary, evangelistic, and abolitionist work of its members, including Fredrick Douglas, Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, and Bishop Alexander Walters, who was one of the founding members of the NAACP.

For more information about convention activities and programs, contact the Alabama-Florida Episcopal District headquarters at (334) 269-6365.

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What’s happening in Montgomery?

I know that many people are wondering what exactly will be happening in Montgomery from July 23rd through August 1st. I hope that this helps… If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me, LaKesha Womack – MsLaKeshaWomack@gmail.com
**Please note that this scheduling is subject to change, however it should give you an overview of activities

July 23-26 Board of Bishops and Connectional Council Meeting 

board of bishops

  • Reports from the Administrative Boards of the AME Zion Church
  • Announcing the location of the 2016 General Conference



July 26-27 Women’s Home & Oversees Missionary Society Leadership Retreat  and YAMS 30th Anniversary Celebration


Registration includes four meals and workshop materials (one breakfast, one reception and two dinners);
bring your favorite WHOMS bag


  • YAMS Meeting Business Casual
  • General Assembly Business Casual
  • Workshops I & II Business Casual
  • Dinner Business Casual
  • YAMS 30th Anniversary Celebration Dressy/ YAMS Peach and Taupe
  • Reception Dressy/ YAMS Peach and Taupe


  • Supply Prayer Breakfast White tops/ White bottoms (skirt or pants)
  • Connectional Lay Council Parade White tops/ White bottoms (skirt or pants)
  • Lunch on your own
  • Workshops (all departments) White tops/ White bottoms (skirt or pants)
  • Ecumenical Dinner & Closing Dressy Attire


clcLogo (1)July 26-Aug 1 10th Quadrennial Lay Council Convention  
All events are held at the Renaissance Hotel unless otherwise noted


  • Evangelist Block Party and Fish Fry (Mt Zion AME Zion Church)


  • Assemble for the “Parade of Dreams” (Montgomery Conventions & Visitors Bureau, Downtown Montgomery)
  • “Parade of Dreams” The Freedom Church Speaks on the Steps of the Capital, Downtown Montgomery
  • Regional Lay Academy/ AARP Health Fair
  • R.C. Rochon Youth & Young Adult (YYA) Church Music & Leadership Development Academy
  • Praise and Prayer Assembly
  • Cultural & Gospel Extravaganza featuring the Mississippi Mass Choir (included with registration, $25 upgrade to VIP, $15 Gen. Admin, $5 kids under 12 – onsite)


  • Sunday School – Children, Youth, Young Adults, Adult Men, Adult Women
  • Worship Service and Communion
  • Lunch on your own
  • Youth/Young Adult Lunch and Learn
  • Grand Opening of the 10th Quadrennial Lay Convention
  • Alabama/Florida Welcome Program
  • Young Adult Lay Academy Leadership Training
  • Organization of Convention
  • ‘Birthing the Denomination’ by J. Fairbanks Leach
  • Key Note Address by Bishop George E. Battle Jr.
  • Welcome Reception


  • Morning Watch
  • Life Members’ Breakfast (tickets are $30 per person)
  • The R.C. Rochon YYA Church Music and Leadership Development Academy
  • Plenary Sessions
  • Bishop George J. Leak III Challenge Luncheon with Key Note by Bishop Richard K. Thompson (included with registration)
  • Clergy Seminars/ Lay Academy
  • Deaconess Academy with Bishop Mildred B. Hines (all deaconesses are asked to wear white)
  • The R.C. Rochon YYA Church Music and Leadership Development Academy
  • Quadrennial Reports of Elected Officers and President’s Address
  • Candlelight Memorial Service with a Memorial Meditation from Bishop Michael A. Frencher


  • Morning Watch
  • Prayer Breakfast
  • Bible Study led by Rev. Kathy Brown
  • The R.C. Rochon YYA Church Music and Leadership Development Academy
  • Lay Academy
  • Lunch on your own
  • Plenary Session
  • Real Talk about Relevant Ministry Panel facilitated by Rev. Kathy Brown
  • Dinner on your own
  • Plenary Session
  • Regional Meetings (optional – see your Regional Director)


  • Morning Watch
  • Regional Cluster Breakfasts (included with registration)
  • Bible Study with Bishop N. Jarrett
  • Motivator of the Millennial Keith L. Brown (all children and youth are encouraged to attend – registration NOT required)
  • Election of CLC Officers
  • Lunch on your own
  • Mama’s Girls stage play featuring Regina Belle (included with registration, $20 onsite)
  • Victor J. Tulane Awards Banquet (included with registration)


  • Bible Study with Bishop W. Darin Moore
  • Convention Business
  • Installation Service led by Bishop Kenneth Monroe